During the 1980s, we established several cafes in prime areas of Central London. These ran for over 20 years, and were then sold to an investment firm.

In 2008, we developed a Retail Holding company in the UAE, which developed several home grown brands as well as acquired international franchises for the thriving UAE Food and Beverage Sector. The company opened and operated 40 outlets in different emirates of the country.

We have also launched and continue to operate one of the leading Healthy Meal Subscription Services in the UAE, Fit Kitchen. This brand is continuing to thrive despite the Global Pandemic, as the world becomes increasingly health conscious and our clientele find the convenience of Healthy Meal Plans delivered to their homes is now a necessary enrichment to their lifestyles and overall wellbeing. We are currently finalising franchises for the UK, Oman, Saudi Arabia and Lebanon.

In 2006, we established a new arm in Restaurant and Events Management. Based out of Dubai, we offer a turnkey solution for full and part restaurant management. We can manage the totality or part of restaurants and cafes, providing everything from waiting staff, chefs, shisha services, hosts to entertainment personnel.

We also offer turnkey Shisha Management Services for hotels, restaurants and cafés in Dubai, whereby our team manages the entire process for high end establishments. Our recruitment partners in Egypt and Lebanon source staff and equipment, providing a full solution for establishments so they can focus on their key business strategies.

Our events company, Group 4 Events caters for corporate meetings, weddings, birthdays, parties, post-humous gatherings and other such occasions in the UAE.

We have Managed Events and provided services for several international events and corporate symposiums, including the Formula 1 at Abu Dhabi, Consular Conferences for the Egyptian Consulate in Dubai, Healthy Catering for the Presidential Office of Dubai, and many others.