We have established an arm in Africa under the identity ‘miMine’

miMine Africa focusses on Mining in different industries, and are venturing into new mines across the region.

Our current interests include:

Gold Mining

We have partnered with a Publicly Listed Company in order to Mine, Procure and Sell Gold throughout the Middle East. We are in the process of acquiring further Mines and working with artisinal miners to become one of the largest Gold Aggregators in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Gypsum Mining

We are currently prospecting Gypsum Mines in Tanzania in strategic locations throughout the country. We are working with local mine owners to provide ancillary and financial support to support their mining operations through our Strategic alliances with other mining firms.

Coal Mining

We are currently working on finalising Contracts with Multinational Construction firms in order to supply large amounts of coal to Cement Factories throughout East Africa. As part of this process we are acquiring shares in mines and forming strategic alliances with large scale miners in East Africa.

Stone Quarries

A new strategic objective for miMine for 2022.

Please contact us for procurement enquiries or to learn more about our Mining Operations