Group 4 Holdings is an established conglomerate with oversees successful companies that have been operating for decades in different regions, across the Globe. We are very proud of our achievements, some of which include the following:

UAE Business Awards 2021
Best Diversified Holdings Company

Group 4 Holdings was awarded the ‘Best Diversified Holdings Company’ in the UAE Business Awards in August 2021. G4H was recognised for their diverse portfolio which included traditional business segments, as well as green tech and disruptive technology based businesses in which the Group has interests.
Global Awards 2021 / 2022
Holdings Company of the Year
Group 4 Holdings was awarded the ‘Holdings Company of the Year’ in the Global Awards 2021-2022. G4H was represented by the Director of Strategy and Innovation, Mr. Kumail Rashid.  The Group companies were analysed in depth by the judges based on several criteria, including financial, strategic and sustainability based criteria. This was a fantastic achievement for the Group, who are extremely proud of the award.

Group 4 Holdings is as an international conglomerate, which oversees successful businesses that have been operating for the past 60 years. We operate companies in a variety of different sectors across the globe, with specific arms in Construction, Real Estate, Renewable Energy, Automobiles, Agriculture, Mining, General Trading, Commodities Trading and Retail.

We currently have liaison offices across the world, including in Europe, The Middle East and Africa.

Our footprint is predominantly international and we plan to leverage our experience, knowledge and influence to meet the demands of growing world markets.

Group 4 Holdings is a pool of great brains and ideas, which has reigned over multiple business sectors for the past 50 years, with the vision to grow and innovate its business operations in the years to come.