We are open to franchising for our in-house brands, and can offer you several solutions to get started. If you are an investor looking to make solid returns, or if you are an operator looking to use the strength of our brands, please do not hesitate to contact us. We have Franchising Specialists who can help you with any questions or queries.


Utilise our extensive market knowledge in the F&B industry

Use our established branding collaterals and consumer base

We help you with outlet design, kitchen layout, and layout planning

Pay heavily discounted rates to suppliers due to our economies of scale

Specially sourced fit out materials that are cost effective and long lasting

Marketing support and market review assistance

New product launches to maintain a fresh and relevant product range

Constant support through our Franchisee Advisory Team


Give us your details regarding how much you are looking to invest, and we can present you with an entire financial presentation showing required investment levels and potential profitability analysis. Furthermore, as an Investor Franchisee you have the option of allowing us to operate the outlet under our group management, whilst you can receive weekly and monthly reports. This option is best suited for those less experienced in the industry, who wish to invest but with minimal risk.


This option enables you to open 1 outlet in any global region, as long as we have no existing prior agreement with any company who is already operating there. As usual, we will support you with our management, franchising, IT and marketing team, and ensure your new outlet opens and operates successfully!


An area franchise gives you the exclusivity of operating our brand in a specific region or country. Please get in touch with us with your profile and contact details, and we can discuss further.