Over the last year, Group 4 Holdings has launched a special arm which is focussing on Disruptive and Innovative Green Technologies that have the potential to change the face of different industries around the world. These technologies are in line with the United Nations Sustainable Goals, focussing on making the world a better place by abiding by the policies and procedures set forth by the UN.

Our Research & Development division engages in studies and research with several institutions around the world in order to try and identify and test such technological breakthroughs. We have currently partnered with the University of Hertfordshire in the United Kingdom to develop a new AI (Artificial Intelligence) Based Microgrid which aims to solve the ‘Energy Trilemma’ in developing countries in Africa.

We are both acquiring and partnering with companies who have founded unique technologies that have enormous potential to make a big difference to the environment and to the world in general. We are also working with a new technological partner in Europe, who has invited an commercial disruptive solution for producing a Carbon Negative replacement for Coal with by using biomass and pest crops. We are currently finalising plans for launching this project in several African countries. The names and locations of the project are currently confidential since we are awaiting final grants and governmental agreements to be signed; following which there will be a global press launch to announce the new partnership and the global-changing impact that this partnership will bring.