We are the master developers for many developments in Africa and the Middle East, and have our own ‘in house’ team of architects, designers and construction analysts who can assist during the planning, development and execution phases of any construction projects and developments. We have conducted years of R&D into construction methodologies, and we are able to offer several different types of housing to our clients. 

We have property development and real estate arms operating in several countries across the world. Our entry into the industry began with traditional construction in the 1980s, where we began to construct some of the first high rise towers in Tanzania.

Over time, our Property Development arm has transformed its outlook, and since the early 2000s we have begun our foray into Low Cost & Affordable Housing. We have undergone extensive Research and Development initiatives in the United Arab Emirates, which involved establishing factories and laboratories to find innovative building solutions in the region. We have successfully completed several projects, including building a fully-fledged Museum in 45 days for the Royal Family in Abu Dhabi.

In the late 2000s our focus shifted to East Asia and Africa, where we have used the best techniques and innovations from our research into creating an all-encompassing building solution for Low Cost and Affordable Housing. We have completed several successful projects in both regions, and are currently developing Low Cost Housing projects in Tanzania, The Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda.

Our unique modular housing technology has been used to construct luxury villas, townhouses, apartment blocks, army barracks, social housing and other affordable housing solutions. Due to our competitive edge, we partner with several government institutions, NGOs, Social Funds and other similar organisations in order to create products and systems to satisfy their needs and requirements.


We can vary and alter our methodologies and designs to suit the requirements of different clients.


All our projects go through our stringent quality process, and our different departments ensure that all our developments are built to the best quality.


Our construction technology means that we can scale large projects and offer our consumers large cost savings when building large developments.


Our unique construction methodologies means that we can deliver units much quicker than other developers, whilst maintaining a high quality of construction and finishing.


We have constructed several high-end villa projects in Africa, The Middle East and Asia. Ranging from townhouse communities to individual signature villas, our construction team can cater to individual needs and requirements. Many of our projects have been done in conjunction with government bodies and organisations.


We have undertaken several affordable housing projects over many regions. Contrary to the stereotype, affordable housing is not substandard in quality, style or finishing. It simply involves using smarter, faster, and more affordable methods of construction that decrease the construction cost. Many of these houses look, feel and are of a hiher quality and finishing then houses built of traditional construction.


Low cost or social housing is designed to be built for governments or agencies that have high volume but low cost housing requirements. Low cost houses are by no means bad quality, but just made with less luxury and specifications compared to affordable houses.